It's Goblin Ko, like Goblin Kompany. We make fun, weird, Punky, high-impact, proper, immersive, deceptively smart stuff.

GOBLINKO is an artist created & family run business. A Family Business like our three kids have assembled products & orders since they were able. GOBLINKO was formed in Oakland, CA in 1999 by Sean & Katie Aaberg. Sean is from Oakland, Katie is from Berkeley. The company was started with one foot planted firmly in the Art world & one foot in the DIY Punk world. GOBLINKO started out doing zines & mini-comics like GO & The Adventures of Pipu. In Oakland we were co-founders of Oaklandish & Nonchalance. In 2003 we moved to Eugene, Oregon. In Eugene we co-founded the Last Friday Artwalk & the Bang free weekly paper. In 2011 we started PORK magazine. In 2013 we moved to Portland, Oregon & started the Goblinko Megamall. We released Dungeon Degenerates in 2017. The game is on its 4th printing & showing no sign of slowing down. We decided to stop publishing PORK in the Spring of 2018. That Fall, Sean had a massive stroke, & lost his old ability to draw. This & the pandemic have slowed us down, but not by that much!

We work from Monday through Friday but take the weekend off. 

Orders from GOBLINKO are shipped from Georgia & Oregon. Our shop orders are processed separate from our Kickstarters & cannot be combined