We have had a bunch of expansion boxes planned for a while but we decided to do the Battle For Brüttelburg Kickstarter first. So now, here we are, thinking about what to do next. We have THREE expansions for DUNGEON DEGENERATES: Hand of Doom in mind. We'll be working with Leigh Shephard who has been the DUNGEON DEGENERATES Würstmeister for a few years now, Alex Hagen who did loot illustrations for the Malingerers & Jaycee Fairclough doing sculpts. As usual I'll be Art Directing & Katie will be Producing.

First up is the Dirty Deeds expansion box! Bringing a new method of mini-missions, a “Dirty Deeds Deck” to give your adventurers something to do in between missions, a slice of degeneracy, featuring a book profiling the rules & more lore about Brüttelburg! 4 new playable characters lifted straight from Brüttelburg: Wasted Youth, Crooked Cop, Bombast Belter & High Alchemist, a hefty new deck of Settlement Encounters to make every trip to town unique, engaging & dangerous, new Loot, new Monsters & more!

The next expansion is Goblin Mode. Goblin Mode lets you play Goblins & views the Würstreich from a Goblin's eye view. Taking place after the Hand of Doom has been vanquished as the Goblins are on the move & trying to establish themselves as the primary threat to Imperial power. Featuring the new Colin the Goblin campaign, where you play as Colin the Goblin Dandy, trying to just live your life but you are next in line for the Goblin Throne. You have to escape the Goblin Horde who are trying desperately to capture Colin & restore the Goblin Hierarchy. Including a book of the rules & more lore about the Goblins & their history from a Goblin perspective. 4 new playable Goblin characters; Colin the Goblin & three other yet to be discovered characters, loot, encounters, monsters & more!

And finally Moon Madness. Moon Madness takes place before the Hand of Doom menaced the Würstreich! A new campaign pitting you against lunar cultists trying to draw down the moon & eventually exploring the moon itself! Your party must travel to the Moon using dreams by eating a special cheese & going to sleep at the Mondgasthaus. You wake up in Mondheim, the biggest city of the Moon! Featuring a book with the rules & lore about the Moon! 4 new playable characters; Eccentric Astronomer, Gütter Witch, Lunatic Lush & Night Knight, associated loot, skills, weaknesses, encounters, monsters & a mini map/board of the moon! 

So, the question is, should we run a separate Kickstarter campaign for each expansion box, or one big Kickstarter covering all three? Doing them all at once will take longer & have a higher funding goal to reach, but it will be cheaper to ship everything together! Doing one box at a time will allow us to release each box faster (but probably take more time overall for all three), will give us a lower Kickstarter funding goal to reach, but will make it so backers who want all three boxes will have to do separate transactions and pay more for shipping. Of course it's easier to run one Kickstarter campaign than three, but we don't care about what's easy, we care about what you want! We really want your input on this, so let us know what you think (via email, comments are off due to Spam)!






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