Who Killed Bambi? Hmmmm? Who Killed Bambi? was the aborted first attempt at making a Sex Pistols movie - to have been released in 1978. This Punksploitation masterpiece that never was had a script by Roger Ebert & Malcolm McLaren & was going to be directed by Oakland's schlockmeister Russ Meyer. Who Killed Bambi? was axed when 20th Century Fox read the script. Who Killed Bambi? then became a song in the half-aborted Great Rock&Roll Swindle movie & since has become some kind of strange question that all Punks must ask themselves. Who Killed Bambi? Hmmm?


Gentle pretty thing, Who only had one spring. You bravely faced the world, Ready for anything. I'm happy that you lived, For your life is mine. What have I except to cry, Spirit never die! Birds of the air, Beasts of the earth, Overjoyed at Bambi's birth they gambolled in the glade! Who killed Bambi? Murder murder murder! Someone should be angry! The crime of the century! Who shot little Bambi? Never trust a Hippie! 'Cause I love Punky Bambi! I'll kill to find the killer In that rotten roll army! All the Spikey Punkers - Believers in the ruins - With one big shout, They all cry out - Who killed Bambi? Hmmm?

As much as people try to diminish Malcolm McLaren's role in creating Punk - his importance will only amplify as time goes on & we see that conformity & authenticity for their own sake weaken the strength of Punk & the Anything Goes School will invigorate it every time - before depleting it. What we find is that we must have both the authentic street culture & the inauthentic exploitative culture to create the energetic circle - the serpent eating itself. Not unlike the relationship between the Holy Roman Catholic Empire & the modest, sincere Jesus Christ himself - without the swords, gold, hierarchy, corruption, decadence & overstepping of authority - there would be no Christianity & Jesus Christ would disappear into the sands of time. But without Jesus Christ - the Catholic Church has no soul. Without Malcom McLaren & the Sex Pistols - Punk Rock would be a forgotten attempt by Ed Sanders to describe the Fugs in 1970.

In trying to find out Who Killed Bambi? I learned that in the original screenplay for the film - Mick Jagger is a central figure, fictionalized as MJ - he is youthful, strong & virile being 34 in 1977  - but he is not yet aware that he is a member of the previous generation & his version of Rock&Roll has been overtaken by Punk. MJ kills a deer  - Bambi. So we learn that Mick Jagger, or what Mick Jagger represents Killed Bambi. I was just watching a Rolling Stones at Altamont track - Altamont with its Hell's Angels security, the Luciferian Shadow of California & the Hell's Angels killing of Meredith Hunter which was written about as a ritual sacrifice in Don McLean's "American Pie" (dear god, don't make me listen to that one) is widely viewed as the turning point of the Hippie movement to darkness. Please note - this concert happens the December after the August Helter Skelter Manson Family Tate Murders.


- Sean Äaberg



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