Welcome to Cinema Club! When one thinks of the idea of influences - there is a chicken & egg scenario - which came first? As an artist, philosopher, historian & occultist - I have noticed that time is like a boomerang - it happens - goes away & then comes back. Understanding the boomerang nature of time - I believe that what we call influences are actually the same as Tarot Cards - a set of cues that will be interpreted by the individual. That is to say - we all see things differently & then we all communicate those ideas differently after that & then again - whoever receives this communication will interpret it their own way! This is a list of movies that resonate with the world of Dungeon Degenerates - the Dark Fantasy atavistic subconsciousness of Goblinko. The cultural information included in these films will help you to achieve the desired state of consciousness in order to truly resonate with Dungeon Degenerates. As your mind becomes tuned to the Dark Fantasy Goblinko frequency - it will interlock with the hidden cyclopean universal clockwork fractal & you will feel the unstoppable energy flow through you. I have included trailers for you to sell the idea harder - but we recommend that you watch all of these films at least a dozen times each. In a dark theater. With a large popcorn with butter. With Red Vines. On drugs.  

Wizards - Ralph Bakshi - 1977 - Nazi mutants menace Jewish Elves in the German Bronx of the 70s in a sea of religion, propaganda, technology & magic.

Time Bandits - Terry Gilliam - 1981 The inner-child breaks through the walls of the subconsciousness aided by midgets & chased by God into the hands of the Devil only to find that his parents had been dead the whole time.

Fantastic Planet - René Laloux - 1973 The alienated intellectual elite look for kicks using the animalistic emotions of the working class - but for how long?

The Hobbit - Rankin Bass - 1977 This Hobbit anime is a Hobbit Haiku - Bilbo Baggins hates - Goblins, Dwarves, War, Dragons, Elves - Loves, eggs, cakes, bacon. 

The Holy Mountain - Alejandro Jodorowsky - 1973 Jodorowsky shows what movies actually are - symbolic initiation - as the curtain is pulled back - do you see?

Jabberwocky - Terry Gilliam - 1977 A treatise on Medieval Filth & the dirty soul of Europe - the poetic secret sequel to Monty Python & the Holy Grail.

Delicatessen - Marc Caro &Jean-Pierre Jeunet - 1991 The only movie about a delicatessen is about cannibalism. I watched it when I was a vegan, it made me understand eating meat.

Lone Wolf & Cub - Baby Cart In The Land of Demons - Kenji Misumi - 1973 Lone Wolf & Cub taught me how to be a father.

The Clowns - Federico Fellini - 1970 The unlikely hierarchy of clowns reminds us that life is but a circus & the clowns run the show.

Return to Oz - Walter Murch - 1985 Disney uses the fantastic backdrop of L. Frank Baum's Oz books to spin a yarn about mind control.

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen - Terry Gilliam - 1988 The old man must reconcile who he is with who he thinks he is as flees death & wakes up each slumbering part of his mind! 

Faust - Jan Svankmajer - 1994 The prophetic work of Goethe is translated via an absurdist expressionism in puppets, clay & Czechoslovakians.

Pinocchio - Walt Disney Studios - 1940 A truly dark film about conquering one's fears in order to become a real person.

Repo Man - Alex Cox - 1984 A lunatic carries the seed of consciousness through an America on Otto-Pilot.

The Great Yokai War - Takashi Miike - 2005 Japanese Ghost Monsters are very natural, intuitive, poetic, subtle & absurdly garish at the same time.

Road Warrior - George Miller - 1981 One side wears white & stays put. The other side wears black & rides on the roads. Mad Max wears black but has a white heart - rides the roads but helps those that need help.

The Lord of the Rings - Ralph Bakshi - 1978 Black Riders gallop like bats out of hell over a hallucinogenic, psychedelic hellscape. 

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind - Hayao Miyazaki - 1984 A princess in love with bugs, bugs everyone when she takes the highest road & becomes an unstoppable force against time.

Flash Gordon - Mike Hodges - 1980 This movie feels like Brian May's guitar licks & Freddy Mercury's monoclinous operettas.

Conan - John Milius - 1982 A merciless meditation on masculinity.

Dune - David Lynch - 1984 Space & time merge as one in this science-fiction treatise on religion & politics.

x Sean Äaberg

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