While the alienated, disconnected nature of the internet is a wrecker in many ways - we are still in the very early stages of this shift in consciousness, having access to the totality of human expression at any moment & allowing our brains to accept this while still keeping our eyes on the prize! As much as people are trying to act like Pandora's Box can be contained, it has been opened & here we are.



The beauty of this thing is having access to things we just had no idea about previously & having seemingly endless information organizers out there dedicated to documenting the sum total of human expression! While the initial exposure to the endless amount of information is destabilizing - at some point we should be able to tighten it back up & move forwards. I am still finding all kinds of art that is bringing exciting angles & energies to my pencil & in this infinite maze of information. For instance - these title screens from these Beyond Software video games for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum - an English 8-Bit home computer. The limited colors, brutal graphics & high-contrast imagery common to so many 8-Bit video games really feels hallucinatory, evoking black-light posters & black-light golf! The limited graphic information really brings out my imagination & I spend time trying to figure out what is going on in these pictures. They end up being more like animated video cave glyphs from some kind of retro-futuristic, annihilated culture of the 80s.

As kids in the 80s we were intended to live somewhere in the post-70s mundanity between Silver Spoons, Different Strokes, Kids Incorporated & the Care Bears - but there was this psychedelic dark ages world waiting in the blackness of our TV sets, in the blackness of record vinyl & the blackness of our minds. All we wanted was to summon & fight Neon Demons, drink root beer with goblins & to carry a sword. 

Obsessed with Dungeons & Dragons, Crossbows & Catapults, Ghosts & Goblins & eschewing the trifling absurdity of ESPRIT & Jordache - we began to harness the powers bluntly illustrated on the glowing screens. Ancient armies began to stir. Our internal worlds were vastly superior to reality - but reality ruled. What could we do?

Who knew that sinister caverns of evil & Temples of Madness lay just outside of suburban golf-courses where we would collect lost balls & sell them back to the golfers for money to buy Grenadier, Ral Partha & Citadel miniatures of skeletons & sorcerers. We did. We do.

It is no different now! What they call reality is less real than what exists in our minds! We have visited the Lands of Enchantment & we toil tirelessly to bring them into the here & now!  

The enforcers of the mundane worried then & now that we were messing around with forces that should be left alone. It is hardwired into their conformity to avoid the energies we are unleashing - they know it means their undoing! The unseen world awaits! The unseen world is the source of our power!

We concentrate on evil eyes staring out from the blackness & organize sacred geometric patterns around them - amplifying their power! We will trap them in a witch's web!

Their grip on this world has loosened & we will triumph - emerging from the blackness as psychedelic sorcerers & weird warriors.

- Sean Äaberg




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