• Stay Sick! - Button Box
  • Stay Sick! - Button Box
  • Stay Sick! - Button Box

Stay Sick! - Button Box

$ 75.00


A box of 80 of our Stay Sick! Buttons for just $75!

Stay Sick! Sometimes good guys don't wear white! The Cramps! Can Your Pussy Do The Dog? John Waters can't stop smoking for the length of a film, let alone a foreign film! Whether or not is a 3D Movie - it will be Divine with multiple Maniacs Like Edith Massey & John Wayne Wearing A Devo Energy Dome. or Debbie Harry AKA Blondie The Vulture - The Gun Club - Am I A Member? The President Of This Mess - Andy Warhol - Pop Art & Life As Art - Rat Fink - Our Hero - Vampira - The Original - Elvira - The Juicier Sequel - More Mani-yacks - The Creature - The Lady Vampire - Frankenstein's Monster - The Wolfman - The Vampire Kermit & The Vincent Price - Halloween Jack - David Bowie - The Purple Prince & Our Hopeful Return Of The Living Dead. Stay Sick. Turn Blue.

1.25" Buttons - made in the USA from the Goblinko Megamall

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